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We want this to be the communal site for Tignes Seasonnaires and all guests visiting the resort. Share your pictures, thoughts, profiles, gossip and more... click for more details
Tignes and Val d'Isere cut off by avalanche

Tignes and Val d'Isere cut off by avalanche

Tuesday 16th April 2013
Access to Tignes and Val d'Isere was cut off for several hours Tuesday due to an avalanche that occurred on Tuesday April 16 to 19:35 on the RD 902 at the entrance of Brévières tunnel.
Last year, in March, this area su....more
Winter X-Games to expandWinter X-Games to expand1st April 2013
After the record number of attendees to the 2013 Winter X-Games in Tignes. ESPN and Tignes have decided to extend next years tournament from 3 days to 5 including Skiercross, Boardercross and a big air competition bringing it in line with its American version. More details to follow. ....more
Daredevil Chicherit's Full MINI BackflipDaredevil Chicherit's Full MINI Backflip16th February 2013
When you make energy drinks, it's not enough to just sell them to the general public. You have to sponsor crazy activities so people know you're serious about the energy in your drink. Red Bull has a couple of Formula One teams and once made a guy jump out of a space balloon; now Monster Energy had a rally driver do th....more
X-Games 2013 athletes announcedX-Games 2013 athletes announced9th January 2013
The 150 best freestylers In the world will be heading To Tignes from March 20th to 22nd 2013 for the 4th edition of X-Games Tignes, The programme features a total of eight disciplines: Men and Women's Ski SuperPipe, Men and Women's Snowboard SuperPipe, Men and Women's Ski Slopestyle, Men and Women's Snowboard Slope....more
X-Games Day 3 Womens Board SlopestyleX-Games Day 3 Womens Board Slopestyle16th March 2012
In the women’s event, Jamie Anderson confirmed her status as this year’s uncontested Slopestyle champion. Finishing second today was the smiling young American rider Spencer O’Brien. Spencer’s run included some really technical moves like a toe side frontside 720 and a nosepress 180 out on the last rail; Enni Rukajarvi....more
X-Games Day 3 Mens Board SlopestyleX-Games Day 3 Mens Board Slopestyle16th March 2012
Shaun white was definitely not today’s favourite on the Slopestyle course in Tignes. Chas Guldemond, defending champion, was determined not to let this go. However it only took one run, his first one, for Shaun White to set the record straight. His first run put him in first place and nothing would change this today. S....more
X-Games Day 3 Womens Ski Superpipe finalX-Games Day 3 Womens Ski Superpipe final16th March 2012
Canadian skier Roz Groenewoud wins the Women’s SuperPipe final at Winter X Games Tignes, in front of Devin Logan (USA) and Anaïs Caradeux (FR). It was only during the very last run that the podium was settled. Roz and Devin battled it out all through the final. After the first run, Roz was in first place. Devin bumped....more
X-Games Day 3 Men Superpipe finalX-Games Day 3 Men Superpipe final16th March 2012
Torin way up there and Krief revealed. Torin Yater-Wallace, the Young American skier, win’s the SuperPipe. This massive and technical run scored a 95. Today’s surprise came from Thomas ‘Toto’ Krief who finished second! David Wise, gold medal at Winter X Games Aspen in January this year, falters in his search for gold ....more
X-Games Day 2 Mens Ski Slopestyle finalX-Games Day 2 Mens Ski Slopestyle final15th March 2012
Ski Slopestyle Final Men’s The air was electric today for the Men’s Ski Slopestyle final at Winter X Games Tignes. The day’s first run set the tone, under the burning sun of Tignes where the corral felt more like a beach. The level of riding that followed suffered no mistakes. Bobby Brown rose to the challenge and t....more
X-Games Day 2 Mens Ski Superpipe qualificationX-Games Day 2 Mens Ski Superpipe qualification15th March 2012
David Wise wins the men’s Ski SuperPipe elimination round, in front of Thomas Krief and Torin Yater-Wallace, who qualified by the skin of his teeth. Out of the 16 riders in the elimination round, only eight go through to the finals. Xavier Bertoni will be the second Frenchman in the competition tomorrow. Ben Valentin,....more
X-Games Day 2 Snowboard Superpipe finalX-Games Day 2 Snowboard Superpipe final15th March 2012
Shaun White is definitely unbeatable! Wearing his Lucky Zebra pants, the ones with which he won every contest he entered this year; Shaun came out of the pipe higher than anyone else. His first run, that scored 98 points, was close to perfect. He threw in his now classic backside air at nearly 6 metres above the pipe. ....more
X-Games Day 1 Womens board superpipe finalX-Games Day 1 Womens board superpipe final14th March 2012
In the Women’s Snowboard Superpipe final Kelly Clark defended her X-Games title in dominate style. Clark, the first woman to win repeat golds in both Aspen and Tignes, landed a huge frontside 900, backside 540 and a frontside 1080 all in her second run. Elena Hight took the silver with a score of 85.00 and Kaitlyn Farr....more
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